Since 1997

Simmi Enterprises is one of the leading supplier of castor oil, neem oil, glycerin, liquid paraffin, clove oil, neelgiri oil, sesame oil and their derivates.

Our client base is spread across the country from Himachal Pradesh to Bangalore and from Ahmadabad to Kolkata. Simmi Enterprises is bulk supplier of medicinal oil and relative chemicals in major MIDCs, GIDCs and SEEPZ located companies.
We have ready to supply stock of 16 tonnes or more. We have registered office at Goregaon and have branches at Bhayandar, Bhiwandi and Thane.


We have valid drug license to trade and distribute drugs to pharmaceutical companies, grease manufacturing companies and other manufacturers.

About company director

Mr. Amit Mishra leads this company from past four year. His vision and dedication had brought this organization to this level where the clients are satisfied and are mutually related with our organization.
His priority is client satisfaction, material quality and on time delivery.

Our support for client operations :

Our relation with client is more than business to business but it is on mutual level.

We believe our network and being experienced in this field helps to the client to get right material at right cost.

We supply right specification to our client which helps to our clients to match their product recipe.

We ensure our client with the same quality of material on each order.

We have a long team involved in packing of material and dispatching it to destination.
We dispatches the material from minimum packing like : 500gms to 200kg barrels.
We dispatches the material in plastic barrels to ms barrels, we always use fresh and new branded container for material packing, which again retain the quality of the oil.

Our logistics and transporters are fixed and same, so it become easy to track the material for client as well as for our organization, we reach to every states of India
We have tie-up with manufacturers as well as with the re-packers.

Please feel free to call and enquire about our products. Contact Us

Let us talk and discuss what we can help to you and can deliver to you.
We will be glad to serve you,even one can ask for sample and test it at their end .

Following are the list of grades of castor oil :

Castor oil virgin
Castor oil Ip grade
Castor oil usp grade
Castor oil Bp
Castor oil EP

These are the major supplies of our company we have good market share in Indian market.